Tuition pricing

There are different plans to pay for tuition.

  • Monthly: $1,200

  • Daily: $75

  • Part Time: 3 Full Days or 5 Half Days (4 hours a day): $800

  • Hourly: $35

  • Potty Training (optional): $50

If you are involved with any financial aid programs such as Children’s Council or Wu Yee Children’s Services, the pricing will vary by program.

If you wish to enroll your child, there is also an additional one time registration fee of $80.00. Payment of tuition is required on the first day of the month preceding attendance. This policy reflects the necessity of the school to have the funds to operate. There will be no refunds of fees or money of any kind. Tuition payments serve to keep your child’s place in the school.

For your child to attend school we require:

  1. One time registration fee: $80
  2. Tuition payment
  3. Completed Love & Learn application packet
  4. Current Immunization Records
  5. Physical clearance from your child’s pediatrician

How to enroll your child